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Visa & Travel

Visa and Travel from Egypt Requirements :

ASAS law firm provides expedited and professional Visa services for all Egyptians and foreigners living in Egypt. Since 2016,

ASAS  law firm has provided Expedited visa services and passport solutions to enable Egyptian citizens and foreigners living in Egypt

to apply for visas to any country in the world. ASAS lawyers have long experience dealing with foreign embassies and consulates in Egypt,

which enable us to provide our customers with professional services, expeditious turnaround times, and minimal fees.



Tourist Visa

Business Visa

Italian Visa

Embassy Legalization

Visa Consultation

Tourist Visa

Apply for a Tourist Visa in Egypt


ASAS law firm provides legal assistance for individuals trying to obtain tourist visa in Egypt for any country in the World.

We have partnerships with the major travel companies in the world specially Estonia, Poland and Ukraine. ASAS lawyers have long experience

dealing with foreign embassies and consulates in Egypt and stay up to date with the latest requirements in regard to obtaining tourist visa.

We help our clients to overcome the bureaucratic procedures to get their Tourist Visa fast and easy. Contact one of our lawyers now.

Business Visa

How to obtain a business visa for any country?

ASAS Law Firm is specialized in the issuance of Business Visa in Egypt. We help our customers expediting the process of obtaining

Business visa for the countries they want to travel to. If you want to attend an international conference pertaining to your business or

having a business invitation by an international company, you may request a Business visa. Ask your lawyer now.


Can ASAS help me obtaining a Business Visa and work permits?

Yes, we can. ASAS Law firm has partnerships with the biggest tourism companies in Poland, Estonia, Europe, West Asia and the Middle East. Besides,

We have established strong business relationships with the foreign diplomatic missions, embassies and consulates, which help us staying updated about

the latest requirements pertaining to business Visa and Work Permits. Please be noted that the requirements differ from one country to another.

It is preferable to request a legal  consultation before starting the issuance process. Call ASAS Lawyer Now.




Italy Visa in Egypt

Obtain Expedited Italy Visa in Egypt


Applicable for Egyptian Citizens and Foreigners living in Egypt


ASAS Law Firm is specialized in the issuance of the Italian Visa in Egypt, for both Egyptian citizens and foreigners living in Egypt.

Our partnership with the  major travel companies in Italy and our strong business relationship with the Italian embassy and consulates in Egypt,

enabled ASAS lawyers to provide our clients with expedited Visa service and overcoming the bureaucratic embassy procedures. ASAS Lawyers can help you to

issue a Travel, Business or educational visa to Italy in Egypt. Call one of our lawyers now and ask about Italy Visa.


What types of Italy Visa we can help you with?

ASAS Law firm has business partnerships with the major travel agencies in the World, which enabled our lawyers to facilitate the Visa issuance process internationally.

ASAS Lawyers can help Egyptian Citizens and foreigners resident in Egypt to obtain an expedite the following types of Visa Applications to Italy:-


Tourist and Travel Visa

ASAS Law Firm can help you obtain travel or tourist Visa for Italy. If you are an Egyptian Citizen or a legal resident of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

then you are eligible for ASAS Visa to Italy. Our lawyers will help you preparing your official documents and having them submitted at the Italian Embassy in Egypt.



Business and Work Visa

If you need to attend a conference or to work in Italy, ASAS Law Firm can help you. We are able to assist our customers with the issuance

of a Business Visa or Work visa in Italy. Our strong relationship with the Italian diplomatic mission in Egypt and its consulate in Alexandria,

enable us to stay up to date to the latest requirements pertaining to Italy Visa.



Study in Italy | Italian Scholarship

ASAS can help international students in Egypt  to obtain a Scholarship to study in Italy. Top universities in Italy constantly offer fully funded  or partial

scholarships for international students to study in Italy. We can help you communicating with the Italian universities, certifying your academic credentials

and obtaining your educational visa to study in Italy. You can find a list of the Top Italian Universities:


University of Milan.

University of Turin.

University of Bologna.

University of Padua.

University of Palermo.

Polytechnic University of Milan.

Contact one of ASAS Lawyers to ask about your Italian Scholarship now.








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