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Embassy Legalization for Documents

Embassy Legalization for Documents

ASAS & Partners Law Firm offers expedited document legalization services from all foreign embassies in Cairo for international use. When you need to use a document outside of Egypt, it must be certified by the respective embassy or consulate in Egypt.
Our experienced lawyers specialize in dealing with foreign embassies and consulates throughout Egypt, ensuring that your documents meet the necessary regulations and requirements for legalization.
Egypt is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention.
Therefore, any document intended for use outside Egypt must be certified by the respective embassy, even if the destination country is a member of the convention.
ASAS Lawyers can assist with the following certifications for documents destined for use outside of Egypt:
Document Certification by Local Notary Public:
Our team ensures that your document is properly certified by a local notary public, verifying the authenticity of signatures and seals.

Authentication by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
We facilitate the authentication process through the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ensuring that your document is recognized for international use.

Legalization from the Embassy of the Destination Country in Egypt:
Our lawyers handle the legalization of your document at the embassy of the destination country in Egypt, obtaining the necessary endorsements for international acceptance.

Examples of Documents We Can Certify for Use Abroad:
· Certificate of Origin
· Commercial Invoice
· Affidavits
· Power of Attorney
· Agency Agreements
· Corporate Registration Certificate
· Contracts
· Bonds
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Good Standing
· Export License
· Bill of Lading
· Packing List
· Transcripts
· Diploma
· Bachelor Degree
· TOEFL Certificate
· IELTS Certificate
· ISO Certificate
· Health Certificate
· Marriage Certificate
· Divorce Certificate
· Death Certificate
· Birth Certificate
· Court Orders
· Export-Related Documents

ASAS Lawyers provides expedited document legalization services for documents intended for use outside Egypt.
Contact our office for more information on your specific type of document and destination country, and let us facilitate the process of ensuring your documents are properly legalized for international use.