ASAS & Partners Law Firm was founded in 2016 by Dr. Ahmed Hesham Founder & Managing Director.
Provides legal services and consultancy for Egyptians and Foreigners. Our practice area includes Family law, criminal law, corporate and more.

We are an alliance of enthusiastic and experienced lawyers who have been working with the largest legal firms in Egypt and the Middle East.
Since 2016, we decided to provide a comprehensive center for all types of legal service in one place.
Lawyers from every field of the law have encouraged the idea and participated in ASAS team for legal services.
ASAS Law firm can provide a professional legal service and personalized consultation regarding almost all field of the Egyptian law including but not limited to: Family law, Mixed marriage, Corporate and commercial Law, IP standards, Offshore Business investments, travel and visa documentation...etc. We, at ASAS, believe that with law all rights will be protected. 


We are a group of academic lawyers, not from just one country but from all around the world. Our team provides professional services of the highest standard to meet clients needs through the adoption of a practical and constructive approach to legal issues. We understand ethics and law that lead to great changes. In ASAS we do things efficiently.

Services We Provide

Corporate Law, Private International Law, International & Local Divorce

Contracts Consultancy, Authentication procedures, Help with issues of Abuse and Violence 

Family Law , Child Custody, Civil law, Financial & Banking, Approvals procedures, Approvals procedures

Legal Advices, Litigations, Criminal law, Visa & Travel, Off-Shore System, Permits procedures, Approvals procedures

Registration procedures, due diligence


Pro bono

here in ASAS we care about offering services efficiently and effectively more than anything, our lawyers mission is to get the client’s satisfaction. We are providing unpaid legal consultancy and legal advices to harassment survivors, abortion because of rap and sex discrimination In addition to providing unpaid consultancy services and legal advices for the informal sector.


Our Clients

We Aim To Satisfy Our Clients by All Teams Through All Lawful Assistances

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