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Ahmed Hesham

Collection services

We recover delinquent amounts and past-due debts and we offer the full package of recovery services- from tracking and tracing the debtor, through the pre-legal process, multichannel communication tools and… Read More »Collection services

Due Diligence

Good due diligence will help protect your company from problems, loss, and liability. At ASAS, we do our full investigation, audit, and review to confirm facts and details of any… Read More »Due Diligence

Permits procedures

Building Permit. Demolishing Permit. Upgrading Permit. Renovation and Restoration Permit. Adding Permit. Dividing Permit. Stores Permit. Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers, and Labs. Approvals procedures Occupational Approval for Satellite Channels.… Read More »Permits procedures

Off-Shore System

Offshore Investment Offshore investment is the process of investing your money in a jurisdiction outside your residence country. Offshore investment is a commonly accepted means to reduce the levied taxes… Read More »Off-Shore System

Visa & Travel

Visa & Travel Visa and Travel from Egypt Requirements : ASAS law firm provides expedited and professional Visa services for all Egyptians and foreigners living in Egypt. Since 2016, ASAS … Read More »Visa & Travel

Criminal law

ASAS Criminal Defense Lawyers help Egyptian and foreign individuals accused of felonies and misdemeanors in front of the Egyptian Legal courts.   In ASAS our lawyers are experts in providing… Read More »Criminal law

Legal Advice

Legal advice for companies operating in the fields of petroleum, insurance, cement, mining, iron, mining, and quarrying; and that includes: Supervision and coordination with the departments of legal affairs, insurance,… Read More »Legal Advice

Pro bono

here in ASAS, we care about offering services efficiently and effectively more than anything, our lawyer’s mission is to get the client’s satisfaction. We are providing unpaid legal consultancy and… Read More »Pro bono

Family Law

Egyptian Family Law: ASAS Law firm provides full legal services concerning family law in front of Egyptian justice system and the Egyptian Courts. Our lawyers are prepared to listen to… Read More »Family Law

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