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Residency Services

At ASAS & Partners Law Firm
We understand the complexities involved in obtaining residency permits and navigating immigration processes. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive residency services to individuals and families seeking to establish residency in Egypt or navigate residency-related issues.
Whether you are an expatriate, investor, retiree, or student, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our residency services include:
1. Residency Permit Applications:
We assist individuals in preparing and submitting residency permit applications to the relevant authorities. Whether you are applying for temporary or permanent residency, our experienced team ensures that your application is thorough, accurate, and compliant with all legal requirements.
2. Investor Residency Programs:
For investors seeking to obtain residency in Egypt through investment, we provide guidance on the various investor residency programs available.
Our team assists with investment eligibility criteria, application procedures, and compliance with investment regulations.
3. Retirement Residency:
We help retirees navigate the process of obtaining residency in Egypt for retirement purposes. Whether you are seeking temporary or permanent residency as a retiree, our team provides personalized assistance to streamline the application process.
4. Student Residency:
Students pursuing education in Egypt can rely on our expertise in obtaining student residency permits.
We guide students through the application process, ensuring compliance with student visa requirements and assisting with documentation and paperwork.
5. Family Residency Sponsorship:
We assist individuals in sponsoring family members for residency in Egypt, including spouses, children, and parents.    Our team helps navigate the sponsorship process, prepares necessary documentation, and facilitates communication with immigration authorities.
6. Residency Renewals and Extensions:
For individuals with existing residency permits, we provide assistance with renewals and extensions. Our team ensures timely renewal of residency permits, helps address any documentation issues, and facilitates communication with immigration authorities.
7. Residency Consultation:
We offer expert consultation on residency options and requirements, providing individuals with personalized advice tailored to their specific circumstances.
Our team evaluates eligibility criteria, discusses available residency pathways, and helps clients make informed decisions.
8. Residency Compliance and Maintenance:
We provide ongoing support to ensure compliance with residency regulations and requirements.
Our team assists individuals in maintaining their residency status, addressing any changes in circumstances, and resolving any issues that may arise during the residency period.
At ASAS Law Firm, we are committed to simplifying the residency process and providing our clients with reliable, efficient, and personalized residency services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your residency goals in Egypt.

Indemnity Lawsuits:
Our team assists clients in navigating indemnity lawsuits, whether they involve contractual disputes, liability claims, or insurance matters. We provide strategic guidance and advocacy to protect our clients’ interests and minimize their exposure to liability.

Property Law:
We offer comprehensive legal services in property law, covering a wide range of issues such as property transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, boundary disputes, and property ownership disputes. Our team provides expert advice and representation to help clients navigate the complexities of property law with confidence.

Personal Injury:
ASAS Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered personal injuries due to negligence, accidents, or other wrongful acts. We advocate for our clients’ rights to fair compensation and work tirelessly to ensure they receive the justice and support they deserve.

Professional Negligence:
Our team handles cases involving professional negligence, holding professionals accountable for breaches of duty that result in harm to their clients. We pursue claims of professional negligence with diligence and determination to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

Partnership & Employment Disputes:
ASAS Law Firm assists clients in resolving partnership disputes and employment-related conflicts through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. We provide strategic advice and advocacy to protect our clients’ interests and safeguard their rights in the workplace.

We have experience obtaining and defending against injunctions in civil litigation matters. Whether seeking injunctive relief to prevent harm or defending against unjust injunctions, our team is prepared to take swift and decisive action to protect our clients’ interests.

Contract and Consumer Problems:
Our firm advises clients on contract disputes and consumer protection issues, helping them understand their rights and obligations under the law. We provide effective solutions to resolve contract disputes and protect consumers from unfair practices.

Residential Landlord And Tenant Issues:
ASAS Law Firm assists landlords and tenants in resolving disputes related to residential tenancies, including eviction proceedings, lease violations, and rent disputes. We offer practical advice and advocacy to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Debt Collection and Assistance:
We provide comprehensive debt collection services to creditors, assisting them in recovering outstanding debts through negotiation, mediation, or legal action. Our team employs effective debt collection strategies to maximize recovery while minimizing costs and risks.

Contentious Probate and Claims Under The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act:
ASAS Law Firm handles contentious probate matters and claims under the Inheritance Act, representing clients in disputes over wills, estates, and inheritance rights. We provide compassionate support and effective advocacy to resolve probate disputes and ensure our clients’ interests are protected.

At ASAS Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing personalized and results-driven legal representation in civil law matters. Our team of expert lawyers is committed to delivering exceptional service and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.