Author: Mohammed Mamdouh

  • UK Limited Company Formation & Online Banking for Egyptian Entrepreneurs

    ASAS Partners offers a comprehensive UK Limited Company (LTD) formation service for Egyptian entrepreneurs, inclusive of a virtual address, UTR registration, online business banking, and debit card delivery. Expand your business globally with our tailored solutions, designed to provide a seamless and efficient entry into the UK market. Our experts handle all aspects of the…

  • Banking & finance

    In ASAS, this service Is under the supervision of Dr. Zain El Abdin Naser Current Professor in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Law Ain Shams University. our lawyers are experts in the consultancy and banking for companies or individuals to help our clients in their financial future by giving them solutions and financial legal…

  • Civil law

    In ASAS we make sure to provide specialized services by our expert lawyers who always care about the demands of our clients to provide satisfaction by offering effective and efficient solutions • indemnity lawsuits• Property law• Personal injury• Professional negligence• Partnership & employment disputes• Injunctions• Contract and Consumer Problems• Residential Landlord And Tenant Issues• Debt…

  • Child custody and visitation

    child care arrangements are very difficult and emotional but here in ASAS we always make sure to deal with these cases with professional methods to prevent the risk of any future conflicts. Our lawyers are experts in these arrangements that’s why we always find long term arrangement for both parents that is suitable

  • Help with issues of Abuse and Violence

    Abuse and violence are currently increasing for all genders in ASAS we understand that requesting a legal advice in this cases is not easy for our clients so we care about their comfortability before anything and our expert lawyers who faced many of these cases find many approaches to solve all our client’s problems.

  • Authentication procedures

    •Authentication of Agency contracts in case of sale or management•Authentication of Foreigners Marriage whether it was between two Foreigners or between an Egyptian and a Foreigner•Authentication of Rent contracts and footing them with the executive form and the mandatory power •Accomplishment of any agency matter and authentication procedures

  • Contracts Consultancy

    • Development of contracting / procurement strategies• Vendor pre-qualifications / market testing• Preparation of bid / tender documentation • Management of bid / tender process• Contracts drafting• Contracts administration• Preparation of contracting guidelines and procedures• Audit and review of contractual documentation• Claims preparation / dispute resolution• Expert witness / arbitration support

  • International & local divorce

    In ASAS we always put our client first and listening to the case to find the best approach to solve or give a legal advice is our mission. If our clients have problem with the financial aspects of the separation then our expert lawyers will always deal with it efficiently and effectively. In ASAS we…

  • Corporate Law

    ASAS Corporate Lawyers provide assistance and consultancy for mid-sized and small corporations regarding legal rights, responsibilities, obligations, and Egyptian corporate law. Providing all kinds of legal, economic, and financial services once it’s needed and preparing the feasibility studies, the financial analysis, the company evaluation, and liquidation. Providing economic and legal advice about the company’s legal…

  • Private International law

    The principles of private international law apply in the case of a conflict of laws. as the basis of the solution for any situation where a conflict of law has arisen depends on a correct description of the nature of a legal relationship, here in ASAS our lawyers could determine the law that applies to…