Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law

ASAS Corporate Lawyers provide assistance and consultancy for mid-sized and small corporations regarding legal rights, responsibilities, obligations and Egypt corporate law.

Providing all kind of legal, economic and financial services once it’s needed, as well as preparing the feasibility studies, the financial analysis the company evaluation and liquidation.
•Providing the economic and legal advice about the company legal form matching the required type of activity, whether it is a fund company.
•Partnership such as: (Joint Company – Limited Partnership – Particular Partnership)
•Setting the interior system of the company, as well as providing all the needed documents and examples.
•Approving the minutes of the board of directors meeting in Stock Companies.
•Approving the ordinary and the extra-ordinary general meetings, as well as approving the company budget.
•Transmission of shares.
•Conclusion of Commutative Contracts.
•Conclusion of Companies Amalgamation Contracts.
•Registration of Agency Contracts.
•Evaluation of Companies assets.
•Liquidation of Companies.
•Getting the certificate of commence business.
•Getting the needed licenses to practice a various activities.
•Opening branches for the Foreign Companies in Egypt.
•Launch Offices to represent Foreign Institutions, Companies and Banks in Egypt.
•Special Department for the Bankruptcy.
•Managing the Bankruptcy procedures and disputes.


Private International law

The principles of private international law apply in the case of a conflict of laws. as the basis of the solution for any situation where a conflict of law has arisen depends on a correct description of the nature of a legal relationship, here in ASAS our lawyers could determine the law that applies to this situation if the right law can be found that describes the situation from beginning.

In addition to being familiar with all these cases that faced our clients:

• Foreign marriages
• Divorce
• Conflict of laws

International & local divorce

In ASAS we always put our client first and listening to the case to find the best approach to solve or give a legal advice is our mission. If our clients have problem with the financial aspects of the separation then our expert lawyers will always deal with it efficiently and effectively. In ASAS we make sure that our clients are satisfied and fully informed with all the process with legal advices. We don’t care about the nationalities in our cases even if the disputed was Egyptian.

Contracts Consultancy 

  • Development of contracting / procurement strategies.
    • Vendor pre-qualifications / market testing.
    • Preparation of bid / tender documentation • Management of bid / tender process.
    • Contracts drafting.
    • Contracts administration.
    • Preparation of contracting guidelines and procedures.
    • Audit and review of contractual documentation.
    • Claims preparation / dispute resolution.
    • Expert witness / arbitration support.

Authentication procedures

  • Authentication of Agency contracts in case of sale or management.
  • Authentication of Foreigners Marriage whether it was between two Foreigners or between an Egyptian and a Foreigner.
  • Authentication of Rent contracts and footing them with the executive form and the mandatory power.
  • Accomplishment of any agency matter and authentication procedures.

Help with issues of Abuse and Violence 


Abuse and violence are currently increasing for all genders, in ASAS we understand that requesting a legal advice in this cases is not easy for our clients so we care about their comfortability before anything and our expert lawyers who faced many of these cases find many approaches to solve all our client’s problems.

Family Law

Egyptian Family Law:

ASAS Law firm provides full legal services concerning family law in front of Egyptian justice system and the Egyptian Courts. Our lawyers are prepared to listen to all the facts concerning your situation and work diligently to assist you to achieve your goals.

ASAS Law firm has a team of experienced and professional attorneys in the area of law including Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Mixed marriage, alimony ...etc.

ASAS Law firm is specialized in Egyptian Family law concerning mixed marriage between Egyptian Citizens and foreigners. Our team is cable of providing you with the best consultation concerning your case before you choose the legal option.

Our areas of expertise concerning Egyptian Family Law includes, but not limited to:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Mixed Marriage
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Family Law Service consultation.

Foreigners Marriage in Egypt:

Egypt Marriage License

Foreigners’ marriage in Egypt has become more complicated during the last few years. So, if you are planning on getting married in Egypt, you should fully understand all official requirements, to consult with a foreigner marriage agent in Egypt such as ASAS law firm. 

ASAS team of professional lawyers and notaries have conducted hundreds of civil marriages between Egyptian citizens and foreigners in Egypt. We have helped our customers preparing all official documentation and requirements. Consult with one of our lawyers.

Basic Requirements for Marriage in Egypt:

The foreigner spouse should provide his/her Identification card, foreign passport, proof of citizenship, certificate of No Impediment, or certificate of single status. All these certificates should be translated into Arabic and certified by the respective embassy in Egypt in order to be accepted by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some foreign embassies refuse to issue Certificate of Single Status or No Impediment Certificate. In this case, the foreigner spouse should provide an Affidavit stating that he/she is single and free to marry. This Affidavit should also be notarized by a local notary public and bear the required signatures in order to be accepted by Egyptian authorities. 

Foreigners considering marrying an Egyptian should fully understand the Egyptian Family law and Sharia. Especially if you are getting married to an Egyptian Woman, as they have many rights as a spouse or as a parent that would be very different from the women's rights in your county. That is why ASAS law firm urges its customers to consult with an attorney to know all rights and duties resulting in marrying an Egyptian Citizen.

Foreigners Divorce in Egypt 

The divorce rate between Egyptians and foreigners is increasing due to several reasons including cultural differences, physical or emotional abuse or exploitation for immigration purpose. According to the laws of Islamic Sharia, the husband can terminate the marriage very easy. However, the Egyptian law grants women the right to file for divorce with or without the cooperation of the husband, even if the woman is a non -Egyptian who is married to an Egyptian Husband. ASAS Law Firm has helped hundreds of Non-Egyptian women to file for divorce from their Egyptian husbands. All you have to do is to authorize one of ASAS Lawyers to act on your behalf before the Egyptian courts. You can also do this in the Egyptian Embassy if you were outside of Egypt. Consult with one of our lawyers now.

Important rules and regulations concerning divorce in Egypt

  • If the husband is an Egyptian Muslim, the Muslim Law will apply.
  • If the husband is an Egyptian Christian, with the same sect such as Catholic or orthodox, the church law will apply.
  • If the woman has different faith or sect, the Muslim law will apply.

Child Custody & Visitation   

As a result of the rising divorce rate between Egyptians and foreigners, more conflicts arise concerning the Custody and visitation rights of the children. We, at ASAS Law Firm, has long experience dealing with custody rights of dual nationality children. Our team of professional lawyers can represent you in front of the Egyptian courts concerning child custody, visitation rights, and parental kidnapping. Consult with one of our lawyers now.

Custody & Visitation in Egypt

As a result of the rising divorce rate between Egyptians and foreigners, more conflicts arise concerning the Custody and visitation rights of the children. We, at ASAS Law Firm, has long experience dealing with custody rights of dual nationality children. Our team of professional lawyers can represent you in front of the Egyptian courts concerning child custody, visitation rights, and parental kidnapping. Consult with one of our lawyers now.


Child Custody 

The Egyptian Family Law prefers to give the custody of a child to the mother of the father, especially if the children are still minors. The father is granted visitation rights according to the law. However, if one of the parents is a Non- Egyptian, the conflicts of laws may cause problems and require legal proceedings. In ASAS, we dealt with many custody cases pertaining to a dual nationality children. You may review some of the main Egyptian Laws concerning Custody and Visitation rights:

  • The priority of child custody according to the Egyptian law is for the mother, then for the female relatives who in a consanguinity degree that prohibit marriage.
  • The female relatives on the mother side are preferred more the female relatives of the father side.
  • The custody of the child is given to the mother even if she was a Non-Egyptian Citizen.
  • The Custody right of the mother is terminated when the children reach 15 years old.
  • The parent that doesn’t have the custody right has the right to see the children for at least 3 hours per week.
  • In case of failure in arranging visitation time, the court shall determine the visitation time without harming the child regular schedule concerning schooling or sports activities.

Good Office Committee- Egyptian Ministerial Decree

The Egyptian Ministry of Justice has established the International Cooperation Committee in 2000 to resolve the child custody disputes related to mixed marriage in Egypt. The International Cooperation Committee is also known as “Good Office Committee”.

Its main purpose is to promote and enhance the international cooperation in resolving disputes concerning child custody born from mixed parents in accordance with the Egyptian family law as well as the laws of the foreign parent.

ASAS Law firm understands how stressful and difficult the divorce over the children, that’s why we try to provide all possible legal help to finish all legal proceedings related to child custody and visitation time in a timely manner. Call our office now for more information.

Family Law Consultation     

ASAS Law Firm provides Egyptians and Non-Egyptian Citizen with a wide range of legal service and expert consultations regarding the Egyptian Family Law including mixed marriage, mixed divorce, custody and visitation rights for children born from a mixed marriage. Consult with ASAS Attorney now.

What is a legal Consultations service?

A legal consultation is definitely not a legal representation and it doesn’t form a Client/ Attorney relationship. It is simply a legal advice, where the potential client seeks information regarding a certain situation/case in accordance with the Egyptian law. You should ask an expert lawyer about your legal advice, not any regular individual to avoid any misleading information that might alter your life.

ASAS Law Firm has a team of professional lawyers and attorney that will be able to provide you with the required consultation about Egyptian Family Law. Although a legal consultation doesn’t form a Client/ lawyer relationship, your confidentiality will be protected by ASAS Law Firm. We, at ASAS, will be able to provide legal consultations about Egyptian Family Law including:

  • Foreigners Marriage in Egypt.
  • Foreigners Divorce in Egypt.
  • Custody and Visitation for children born of a mixed marriage.

Civil law 

ASAS Civil Law practice includes contracts, family law and property, ASAS Also provides legal assistance for foreigners in Civil disputes with Individuals from Egypt Nationality.

In ASAS we make sure to provide specialized services by our expert lawyers who always care about the demands of our clients to provide satisfaction by offering effective and efficient solutions:

  • indemnity lawsuits.
    • Property law.
    • Personal injury.
    • Professional negligence.
    • Partnership & employment disputes.
    • Injunctions.
    • Contract and Consumer Problems.
    • Residential Landlord And Tenant Issues.
    • Debt Collection and Assistance.
    • Contentious Probate and Claims Under The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act.

Financial & Banking 

ASAS Attorneys facilitate financial opportunities for foreign corporations willing to invest in Egypt. ASAS Law Firm may acts as a financial representative in national banks in Egypt.

In ASAS, this service Is under supervision of Dr. Zain El Abdin Naser Current Professor in Department of Economics, Faculty of Law Ain Shams University. our lawyers are experts in the consultancy and banking for companies or individuals to help our clients in their financial future by giving them solutions and financial legal advices on:

• investments.
• insurance decisions.
• financial advisors.

these consultants work closely with clients to offer personalized financial advice. Our lawyers could also direct the buying and selling of stocks and bonds for their clients.

Legal Advices:

Legal advice for companies operating in the fields of petroleum, insurance, cement, mining, iron, mining and quarrying; and that includes: Supervision and coordination with the departments of legal affairs, insurance and personnel affairs in the companies to avoid any violation of law or being the subject of any legal proceeding could be brought by the concerned authorities such as Social Insurance, Labor office, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Other Setting a legal system by providing each legal document or example, to ensure that the institutions, the associations and the companies won’t be under the penalties prescribed by law.


  • Penal actions.
    •Civil actions.
    •Personal status cases.
    •Wakf ,Tenancy, Real Estate and Property Management cases.
    •Labor litigations.
    •Commercial and Business litigations.
    •Tax litigations.
    •Indemnity lawsuits.
    •Social Insurance, Labor office, Industrial Security and Occupational Safety & Health litigations.
    •Appeals against the administrative decisions of Public Authorities and Governmental Ministries.
    •Auction, Biding, Accounting and Supply Legal Disputes.
    •Economic Courts cases.
    •Banking disputes.
    •Military Justice as well as the Military Service lawsuits.
    •Commercial Frauds and Artistic Works litigations.
    •Construction litigations.
    •Citizenship litigations or any Legal dispute related to The Passports, Emigration & Nationality Administration.

Criminal law

ASAS Criminal Defense Lawyers help Egyptian and foreigner individuals accused of felonies and misdemeanor in front the Egyptian Legal courts.

In ASAS our lawyers are experts in providing consultancy and legal advices in criminal law, we can advise and help our clients we are specialized in all sides of criminal law :

primarily economic crime.
• cyber/it crimes.
• accidents.
• crimes against intellectual property.
• commercial offences.
• medical crimes.
• abuse and violence.

Visa & Travel 

Visa and Travel from Egypt Requirements :

ASAS law firm provides expedited and professional Visa services for all Egyptians and foreigners living in Egypt.Since 2016, ASAS  law firm has provided Expedited visa services and passport solutions to enable Egyptian citizens and foreigners living in Egypt  to apply for visas to any country in the world. ASAS lawyers have long experience dealing with foreign embassies and consulates in Egypt, which enable us to provide our customers with professional services, expeditious turnaround times and with the minimal fees. 

  • Tourist Visa 
  • Business Visa
  • Italian Visa
  • Embassy Legalization 
  • Visa Consultation

Tourist Visa

Apply for a Tourist Visa in Egypt

ASAS law firm provides legal assistance for individuals trying to obtain tourist visa in Egypt for any country in the World. We have partnerships with the major travel companies in the world specially Estonia, Poland and Ukraine. ASAS lawyers have long experience dealing with foreign embassies and consulates in Egypt and stay up to date with the latest requirements in regard to obtaining tourist visa. We help our clients to overcome the bureaucratic procedures to get their Tourist Visa fast and easy. Contact one of our lawyers now.

Business Visa

How to obtain a business visa for any country?

 ASAS Law Firm is specialized in the issuance of Business Visa in Egypt. We help our customers expediting the process of obtaining Business visa for the countries they want to travel to. If you want to attend an international conference pertaining to your business or having a business invitation by an international company, you may request a Business visa. Ask your lawyer now.

Can ASAS help me obtaining a Business Visa and work permits?

Yes, we can. ASAS Law firm has partnerships with the biggest tourism companies in Poland, Estonia, Europe, West Asia and the Middle East. Besides, We have established strong business relationships with the foreign diplomatic missions, embassies and consulates, which help us staying updated about the latest requirements pertaining to business Visa and Work Permits. Please be noted that the requirements differ from one country to another. It is preferable to request a legal  consultation before starting the issuance process. Call ASAS Lawyer Now.


Italy Visa in Egypt

Obtain Expedited Italy Visa in Egypt

Applicable for Egyptian Citizens and Foreigners living in Egypt

ASAS Law Firm is specialized in the issuance of the Italian Visa in Egypt, for both Egyptian citizens and foreigners living in Egypt. Our partnership with the  major travel companies in Italy and our strong business relationship with the Italian embassy and consulates in Egypt, enabled ASAS lawyers to provide our clients with expedited Visa service and overcoming the bureaucratic embassy procedures. ASAS Lawyers can help you to issue a Travel, Business or educational visa to Italy in Egypt. Call one of our lawyers now and ask about Italy Visa.  

What types of Italy Visa we can help you with?

ASAS Law firm has business partnerships with the major travel agencies in the World, which enabled our lawyers to facilitate the Visa issuance process internationally. ASAS Lawyers can help Egyptian Citizens and foreigners resident in Egypt to obtain an expedite the following types of Visa Applications to Italy:-

Tourist and Travel Visa

ASAS Law Firm can help you obtain travel or tourist Visa for Italy. If you are an Egyptian Citizen or a legal resident of the Arab Republic of Egypt, then you are eligible for ASAS Visa to Italy. Our lawyers will help you preparing your official documents and having them submitted at the Italian Embassy in Egypt. 

Business and Work Visa 

If you need to attend a conference or to work in Italy, ASAS Law Firm can help you. We are able to assist our customers with the issuance of a Business Visa or Work visa in Italy. Our strong relationship with the Italian diplomatic mission in Egypt and its consulate in Alexandria, enable us to stay up to date to the latest requirements pertaining to Italy Visa. 


Study in Italy | Italian Scholarship

ASAS can help international students in Egypt  to obtain a Scholarship to study in Italy. Top universities in Italy constantly offer fully funded  or partial scholarships for international students to study in Italy. We can help you communicating with the Italian universities, certifying your academic credentials and obtaining your educational visa to study in Italy. You can find a list of the Top Italian Universities:

  • University of Milan.
  • University of Turin.
  • University of Bologna.
  • University of Padua.
  • University of Palermo.
  • Polytechnic University of Milan.

Contact one of ASAS Lawyers to ask about your Italian Scholarship now.


Embassy Legalization for Documents

Expedited Embassy Legalization 

ASAS Document Certification Service for International Use

ASAS  law firm provides expedited document legalization service from all foreign embassies in Cairo for international use. If you have a document that you want to use outside of Egypt, you must certify your document from the respective embassy or consulate in Egypt. ASAS lawyers have long experience dealing with foreign embassies and consulates all around Egypt and stay up to date on the latest regulations and requirements in regard to  document legalization.

Egypt is not a member of the Hague apostille convention. Any document destined for use outside Egypt must be certified by the respective embassy first, even if the destination country is already a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. 


ASAS Lawyers can perform the following certification for documents destined for use outside of Egypt:

  • Document certification by local notary public.
  • Authentication by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Legalization from the embassy of the destination country in Egypt.

Example of Documents that we can certify for use abroad:

  • Certificate of Origin- Commercial Invoice.
  • Affidavits - Power of Attorney.
  • Agency Agreements- Corporate Registration Certificate.
  • Contracts- Bonds- Articles of Incorporation.
  • Certificate of Good Standing.
  • Export License - Bill of Lading - Packing List.
  • Transcripts - Diploma - Bachelor Degree.
  • TOEFL Certificate - IELTS Certificate.
  • ISO certificate.
  • Health Certificate.
  • Marriage- Divorce- Death- Birth Certificate.
  • Court orders.
  • Export relating document.

ASAS Lawyers provides expedited document legalization service for document destined for use outside Egypt. Call our office for more information on your specific type of document and destination country. 


Off-Shore System

Offshore Investment

Offshore investment is the process of investing your money in a jurisdiction outside your residence country. Offshore investment is a common accepted mean to reduce the levied taxes in many countries to small and mid-sized enterprises. ASAS Law firm operates as the legal representative for a large number of Offshore companies  in Egypt, Slovenia, Bosnia, India, Germany, South America, Dubai and many other countries. ASAS professional lawyers help international investors to find the suitable jurisdiction for their business regarding the levied taxes, employments, business registrations, Visa and all legal procedures pertaining to starting your business in the offshore country. We have legal representatives all over the world in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Contact our Lawyers to start offshoring now.

What are the benefits of starting an Offshore business?

Throughout our long career assisting businessmen with offshore investments, ASAS has listed some of the major benefits for offshore investment. These benefits includes, but not limited  to:

  • Offshore investors enjoy the privacy of starting a business in a whole new country with complete privacy.
  • Some countries facilitate the bureaucratic procedures pertaining to starting a business such as Dubai and Germany.
  • Difference in the currency exchange rate allows international investors to start an offshore business with low capital requirements such as Egypt and India.
  • The availability of a skilled workforce increases the opportunities for offshore business and outsourcing such as in Egypt and India.
  • Offshore investments protect your assets in the foreign jurisdiction in case of bankruptcy in the country of residence.
  • The law tax rates are the major reason for business offshoring to escape from the enormous amount of taxes levied in the country of origin such as the United States, which taxation system imposes great burden both on the federal and state level taxes. 
  • The reduced administration and operational cost of offshore companies.
  • Governmental facilitation for international investors in the country of jurisdiction to attract more offshore money. 

Invest in Slovenia 

Offshore investing in Slovenia

ASAS Guide to Slovenia investment opportunities

Now is the best time to start your investment in Slovenia. Most of the foreign investors are attracted by the strategic location of Slovenia in the heart of the European continent. ASAS law firm has helped many businessmen to find investment opportunities in Slovenia and benefit from the enormous advantages granted by the government of Slovenia for foreign investors. Gets your consultation about Offshore investing in Slovenia now.


Why Investing in Slovenia- ASAS Guide

There are plenty of reasons to choose Slovenia as your best investing destination in 2017. ASAS law firm collaborates with the leading legal firms in Slovenia to provide our customers with sufficient knowledge to help them choose the best industries to offshore in Slovenia. Here are some of the benefits for offshore investment in Slovenia:

  • The strategic location of Slovenia has made it abundant in natural resource such as mercury, Zinc, lignite coal, hydropower, lead and silver.
  • The Republic of Slovenia has a modern transportation system and ICT (Information and Communication technology) Infrastructure, a state of the art railways and water network that provides reliable trade routes for investors and passengers.
  • Slovenia is characterized by its skilled labor in addition to the lower rates of salaries in comparison to the rest of countries in Europe.
  • Slovenia is a member of the European Union since 2004, which enabled it boost its economic development.
  • Slovenia recovered from the global financial crisis within just one year. Now, its economy has grown to 4.0% annual GDP growth each year.
  • The Slovenian market size is increasingly huge, with over that 2 million populations and the ability to easily market your products to the surrounding countries.   
  • Slovenia offers a wide variety of investment opportunities for foreign investors including, but not limited to: electrical engineer, pharmaceutical, automotive industry, chemical industry, life science and electronics.
  • The business service sector in Slovenia also provides huge opportunities for foreign investors.
  • The Tourism Sector in Slovenia is an unexplored sector with a lot of potential business opportunities for investors.
  • The government of Slovenia offers a tax reduction of %20 of overall tax for investments made in the research and development sector. This percentage may reach to %40 in some other regions in Slovenia. Consult with one of ASAS Lawyers for more information.
  • The government of Slovenia offers a depreciation allowance over buildings and equipment.
  • The Slovenian Corporate tax rate is one of the lowest percentage in the area . In 2010, the corporate tax rate was set to %20 of the entire taxable entity.

Invest Slovenia Organization

The government of Slovenia has initiated the “Invest Slovenia Agency” to promote foreign investment in Slovenia. The main target of the organization is to provide all essential information about investment opportunities and benefits in Slovenia. Our Slovenian partners are working together with invest Slovenia agency to provide ASAS customers with the necessary information about foreign investments in Slovenia. Call ASAS Now to appoint your consultation.



Invest in Bosnia & Herzegovina 

ASAS Guide to Invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the best destinations for offshore investment opportunities. ASAS Law firm has recommended B&H for hundreds of our clients for the great benefits granted to foreign investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Call our office to appoint a consultation meeting now. 

The Foreign Investment promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) ensures the following rights for foreign investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • All foreign investors  from all nationalities enjoy the same rights and duties as the national resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Foreign Investors have the right to open bank accounts in any of the National Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Offshore investors are granted the right to choose their employee without any obligations, even from foreign nationalities, as per the Bosnia and Herzegovina Immigration Law.
  • There is no limitation on the transfer of converted currency. You may transfer any amount of foreign currency to B & H freely without any delays.
  • Offshore investors have the right to own properties in Bosnia and Herzegovina and subjected to the same amount of taxation as B&H natives.
  • The most valuable rule about offshore investing in Bosnia & Herzegovina is that foreign investors are protected against requisitions, expropriation and nationalization.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Customs incentives

 The imported equipment of offshore or foreign investors that are part of the share capital is completely exempted from importation taxation. ASAS law firm along with its business partners in B&H have helped many of our offshore investors to be fully exempted from importation customs duties. However, the following rules apply:-

  • Only Gambling machines like slots and passenger vehicles are not exempted from B&H customs duties.
  • Proof of offshore business registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The imported equipment must not be more than 10 years of age and you must support the required documentation the proof the age of the imported equipment.
  • The imported equipment must be in compliance with the B&H environmental and employment protection standards.


Annual Tax Incentives of Offshore Corporation in B&H

The offshore investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina are entitled to the following benefits in regard to the foreign corporation income tax in B&H:

  • The foreign investor who invests in the production of equipment more than 50% of the total net profit in the current tax year shall be granted a reduction of the calculated tax for 30% of the amount in the year of investment.
  • The offshore investor, who within 5 years, investments from its own funds, in the total amount of 10 million € shall be reduced of the calculated income tax for 50% of the amount in the year of investment.

The taxpayer is entitled to a tax-deductible expense in the double amount of the gross salary paid to the newly employees if the following conditions apply:

  • The duration of the employment contract must be at least for a period of 12 months with full-time working hour.
  • The new employee was not employed with the taxpayer or a related person in the previous five years.


Invest in India   

Start your business in India

India has become a leading offshoring destination in the information technology industry along with a different variety of business opportunities. During the past five years, ASAS law firm has assisted many investors from around the world offshoring their business in India to benefit from the huge advantages.

ASAS law firm recommends India Offshoring in the industry of call centers, customer support, online trading and of course the information technology industry. Our partnership with the major legal companies in India has enabled us to provide our customers with the best solution for their businesses. Consult with one of our lawyers now to know more about offshoring opportunities in India that suite your business. 

The Advantages of offshore Development and Outsourcing in India:

  1. The government of India is constantly liberating markets despite the succession of coalition government.
  2. India offers huge trade opportunities through the incentives of investment such as the low import tariffs for certain products and the Special Economic Zone
  3. India is considered as a massive consumer market with more than 1 billion consumers and the number is growing every year.
  4. Abundant source of highly qualified personnel, specially in the information technology industry. 
  5. With more than 1000 research institutions and 500 universities, India graduates 300.000 engineers every year. 
  6. Most of the Indian population is mastering the English Language.
  7. India offers an impeccable framework for investor legal protection. 
  8. The time zone advantage of India in comparison to Europe and the United States has encouraged the Customer Support outsourcing and Offshoring telecommunication services all days of the year. 
  9. The Information Technology Act (IT Acts 200) made India the top destinations for outsourcing industries pertaining to information technology and telecommunication. 
  10. The Indian government is constantly enhancing the telecommunication infrastructure of the country and provides 100% foreign equity. 


Overview of the Indian Economy

India is among the world’s fastest growing economies, having recorded a decadal growth rate of 7.6 percent during FY05-FY14. It embarked on this high growth trajectory during the tenth five year plan with a growth rate of more than 8 percent in FY04 and reached a peak of 9.6 percent in FY07. The growth in the eleventh five year plan also made several headlines for being the highest ever five year plan in India. The Indian economy has witnessed momentum; as per the advanced estimates, GDP growth in FY15 is projected to be at 7.4 percent. The GoI announced a series of initiatives and policies such as:

  • The ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ (Clean India campaign), 
  • ‘Make in India’, ‘Clean Ganga’ campaign, 
  • ‘Smart Cities’ project, and 
  • ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’ (Prime Minister’s People Money Scheme) among others to boost economic growth and investor sentiment in the country.

The economic policy reforms introduced by the government have increased everyone’s expectations, especially those of investors’, which can be gauged from the improvement in the performance of Sensex, increasing FDI and FII inflows. 

ASAS law firm can help investors to find the best offshoring and outsourcing opportunities in India that best suite your business. Consult with one of our lawyers now to know more about offshore in India.


Invest in Dubai 

Offshore Investment in Dubai

If you are looking for offshore investment opportunities in Dubai then you are in the right place. ASAS law firm has created many investment opportunities in Dubai for hundreds of customers over the last five years. Real Estate investment, tourism sector and recreation are some of the developing sectors in Dubai that ensure %100 return on investment. Consult one of our ASAS Lawyers now.  

Some of the benefits of investing in Dubai:

1. The Economy of Dubai is constantly growing:

When you consider offshore investment, you must study closely the economy in which you are about to invest in. The economic stability of the destination country is a major factor to consider offshore investments and business opportunities. In Dubai, The economy is constantly growing over the past 10 years and all the economic factors predict that it will continue to grow for the next 10 years also at least. Unlike Abu Dhabi, Dubai has liberated its economy from its dependency over oil and petroleum industry. By 2015, Dubai has already become one of teh biggest economies in the World. The real estate investment  is now the major industry in Dubai.


2. Dubai is a constantly growing Country:

People come to Dubai from everywhere in the world searching for better jobs and better life. It enables the Real Estate industry to thrive and flourish. ASAS law firm has helped thousands of its clients to start their business in Dubai and the Real Estate industry won the biggest shares of these offshore investments. The ever growing population of the city predicts a well established future for the Real Estate Sector, specially in a country that shows economic stability. Beside the real estate industry, there is also a lot of business opportunities in conjunction with the growth in population such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centers ...etc. 


3. The Development plan adopted by Sheikh Bin Rashid:

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is constantly adopting and developing new strategies and technologies to make Dubai one of the smartest cities in the World. The development plan of Dubai has make it a number one destination in Offshore investments, especially for investors from the Gulf Area, Europe, and the Americas. 

4. Security and Stability:

Dubai is considered as the most safe and secure country in the Gulf area. That is why people choose to live in Dubai more than any country in the United Arab Emirates. Among the many benefits that Dubai enjoys, the security and stability offered by the government of Dubai has put Dubai in the top list of best destination for offshore investments. No political disturbance and no discrimination, every nationality and every race can live and invest in Dubai without facing any troubles. 

5. UAE Visa for Dubai Property

Do you know that if you buy a property in Dubai it will entitles you for a special type of UAE visas , which is only issued for foreigners who own a property in UAE. ASAS Law firm has help many clients to get a resident visa in Dubai by offshore investment in Dubai.



Invest in Germany 

Start your business in Germany

Germany is known as one of the strongest export- oriented economies.  A lesser known fact is that foreign direct investments into Germany are substantially contributing to the strength of the German economy too. ASAS law firm has created, along with our legal partners in Europe and Germany, various investment opportunities for many of our clients. We have provided the legal consultation concerning the advantage and disadvantage of offshore investment in Germany and the top industries that developed progressively in Germany during the past ten years.


ASAS Law firm can help you consider the benefits of starting up your company in Germany by establishing, incorporating and registering your business in Germany. Get you consultation now. 

Benefits of Offshore Investment in Germany


ASAS has listed some of the major benefits for incorporating a business in Germany.  These benefits include, but not limited to:

  • Germany adopted the advanced technology in its infrastructure, which will facilitate the integration in a wide variety of business sectors.
  • The labor force in Germany is highly educated and qualified with availability of technical labor.
  • Most of the German labor can speak and write the English language fluently, so the language barrier will not exist.
  • Germany is ranked as the third biggest importer and the biggest second importer among the countries of the European Union.
  • The German government's deals with offshore corporations and foreign investors as national, with no discrimination.
  • Germany has the best taxation system and has signed double taxation treaty with more than 90 countries all over the world. Double taxation enables foreign investors to avoid paying taxes in the country that they are investing in and their home country.
  • Offshore investors have the right to own real properties in Germany without the risk of being expropriated.
  • The German government attracts foreign investors through offering many benefits concerning taxation system. Foreign investors can own the majority of German company shareholders, attractive tax deductions on annual revenue, financial loans when investing in certain sectors and finally foreign investors have the ability to invest in any sector including telecommunication.
  • Some of the major developing sectors in Germany includes consumer goods, tourism, telecommunication and educational institutions. 

ASAS Law firm can help you to invest in Germany. Our lawyers will provide you with the latest economic statistics, market research and more information about the tax system. Our economic experts in ASAS will help you to choose the best sector for you to invest in Germany. Call our office now to appoint a consultation meeting.



Invest in Egypt 

Start your business in Egypt

Egypt encourages offshore investment and start up businesses in Egypt. The Latest Egyptian regulations ease the transition of your business into Egypt and doesn’t show bias against foreign corporations that are based outside of Egypt. ASAS lawyers are Startup specialists that have helped hundreds of foreign investors to relocate their business into Egypt. 

To start up an offshore business in Egypt is a quite straightforward process. The Egyptian law states that a foreign corporation or a non-Egyptian Citizen can operate a business in Egypt through incorporating such as a Subsidiary, branch, international foreign corporation or a partnership. ASAS Law Firm can help foreign investors launch their business through a wide variety of startup services such as corporate registration, rental office space, providing secretarial services, multilingual administrative, conference rooms and many other services that we offer for our clients. Consult with one of our lawyers now.

Advantage of Offshore investment in Egypt

There are several advantages that you can benefit from through offshoring your business in Egypt. ASAS has listed some of the benefits that our customers have experienced when they started their corporation in Egypt. These benefits include, but not limited to:-

  • Egypt has established a single building to centralize the startup paperwork in a single place. Foreign corporations and charters can submit their paperwork and get the approval on the spot. As a result, it reduced the time and cost to start an offshore corporation in Egypt. There are many centralized buildings in the major cities in Egypt such as Cairo, Alexandria, Giza and Assiut.   
  • The 2007 Ministerial decree, Article 57, has reduced the minimum capital required for startup corporations to be 1000 L.E, instead of 50000 LE. 
  • Reduced licenses and permits fee. In 2006, Egypt reduced the building permits from 1% to 0.2 % and introduced a new flat rate to register a property with the Real Estate Registry to be 2000 L.E. 

Best Industries for offshoring Investment in Egypt

  1. The petrochemical industry including Oil and Gas exploration and production industry
  2. Real Estate and Asset acquirement
  3. Stock Market Exchange

These are some of the investment opportunities in Egypt that ASAS has provided for its clients over the last five years.There are variety of other sectors that are developed rapidly in Egypt such as tourism and agriculture sector. ASAS lawyers are ready to help you choose the suitable business in Egypt and register your offshore corporation in a timely manner. Call our office now to appoint a consultation meeting.

Permits procedures

  • Building Permit.
    • Demolishing Permit.
    • Upgrading Permit.
    • Renovation and Restoration Permit.
    • Adding Permit.
    • Dividing Permit.
    • Stores Permit.
    • Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers and Labs.

Approvals procedures

  • Occupational Approval for Satellite Channels.
    • Occupational Approval for Free Zone Corporations.
    • Industrial Approval and acquisition of Industrial Record.
    • Stay Approval for Foreigners whether it was in purpose of Work, Investment, Therapy or Tourism.

Registration procedures 

  • Registration of the selling verdicts delivered by the Division Committee in Al-Awkaf.
    •Registration of Lands, Buildings, Administrative and Commercial Seats and Residential Resorts.
    •Registration of Granted Lands whether it was via private sale or via Action for declaration of title of land.
    •Registration of Inheritance Title.
    •Registration and Redemption of Mortgages.
    •Registration of Concession rights.
    •Registration of Coparcener Rights.
    •Registration of Contracts of sale for the foreigners and dealing with Foreigners Possessing Department in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice
    Handling any matter related to the Deeds Registry.

Collection services:

We recover delinquent amounts and past-due debts and we offer the full package of recovery services- from tracking and tracing the debtor, through the pre-legal process, multichannel communication tools and methods such as phone, email, fax and letter contact, these methods are proceeded by legal and ethical means, as we strive to preserve creditor’s reputation and good name. and we provide In-house personal visits by authorised representatives. And as we offer pre-legal actions, we offer our legal actions as well, and to court actions, if necessary. We interact with debtors by means of different communication methods and contact them on behalf of the original creditor. Finally, we have the option of payment in advance on a monthly or on an annual basis as well.


due diligence:

Good due diligence will help protect your company from problems, loss, and liability. At ASAS, we do our full investigation, audit, and review to confirm facts and details of any matter under consideration, we evaluate countries and potential buyers/partners/sellers. As your company expands into new markets, it's important to continue your due diligence efforts.


Pro bono

here in ASAS we care about offering services efficiently and effectively more than anything, our lawyers mission is to get the client’s satisfaction. We are providing unpaid legal consultancy and legal advices to harassment survivors, abortion because of rap and sex discrimination In addition to providing unpaid consultancy services and legal advices for the informal sector.


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