Day: January 23, 2021

Banking & finance

In ASAS, this service Is under supervision of Dr. Zain El Abdin Naser Current Professor in Department of Economics, Faculty of Law Ain Shams University. our lawyers are experts in the consultancy and banking for companies or individuals to help our clients in their financial future by giving them solutions and financial legal advices on:
• investments
• insurance decisions
• financial advisors
these consultants work closely with clients to offer personalized financial advice. Our lawyers could also direct the buying and selling of stocks and bonds for their clients.

Civil law

In ASAS we make sure to provide specialized services by our expert lawyers who always care about the demands of our clients to provide satisfaction by offering effective and efficient solutions • indemnity lawsuits
Property law
Personal injury
Professional negligence
Partnership & employment disputes
Contract and Consumer Problems
Residential Landlord And Tenant Issues
Debt Collection and Assistance
Contentious Probate and Claims Under The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act

Authentication procedures

•Authentication of Agency contracts in case of sale or management
•Authentication of Foreigners Marriage whether it was between two Foreigners or between an Egyptian and a Foreigner
•Authentication of Rent contracts and footing them with the executive form and the mandatory power •Accomplishment of any agency matter and authentication procedures

Contracts Consultancy

• Development of contracting / procurement strategies
• Vendor pre-qualifications / market testing
• Preparation of bid / tender documentation • Management of bid / tender process
• Contracts drafting
• Contracts administration
• Preparation of contracting guidelines and procedures
• Audit and review of contractual documentation
• Claims preparation / dispute resolution
• Expert witness / arbitration support

International & local divorce

In ASAS we always put our client first and listening to the case to find the best approach to solve or give a legal advice is our mission. If our clients have problem with the financial aspects of the separation then our expert lawyers will always deal with it efficiently and effectively. In ASAS we make sure that our clients are satisfied and fully informed with all the process with legal advices. We don’t care about the nationalities in our cases even if the disputed was Egyptian


•Providing all kind of legal, economic and financial services once it’s needed, as well as preparing the feasibility studies, the financial analysis the company evaluation and liquidation.
•Providing the economic and legal advice about the company legal form matching the required type of activity, whether it is a fund company such as:
•Or Partnership such as: (Joint Company – Limited Partnership – Particular Partnership)
•Setting the interior system of the company, as well as providing all the needed documents and examples.
•Approving the minutes of the board of directors meeting in Stock Companies
•Approving the ordinary and the extra-ordinary general meetings, as well as approving the company budget
•Transmission of shares
•Conclusion of Commutative Contracts
•Conclusion of Companies Amalgamation Contracts
•Registration of Agency Contracts
•Evaluation of Companies assets
•Liquidation of Companies
•Getting the certificate of commence business
•Getting the needed licenses to practice a various activities
•Opening branches for the Foreign Companies in Egypt
•Launch Offices to represent Foreign Institutions, Companies and Banks in Egypt
•Special Department for the Bankruptcy
•Managing the Bankruptcy procedures and disputes

Private International law

The principles of private international law apply in the case of a conflict of laws. as the basis of the solution for any situation where a conflict of law has arisen depends on a correct description of the nature of a legal relationship, here in ASAS our lawyers could determine the law that applies to this situation if the right law can be found that describes the situation from beginning. In addition to being familiar with all these cases that faced our clients.
• Residence
• Foreign marriages
• Divorce
• Conflict of laws