Permits procedures

Building Permit.

  • Demolishing Permit.
  • Upgrading Permit.
  • Renovation and Restoration Permit.
  • Adding Permit.
  • Dividing Permit.
  • Stores Permit.
  • Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers, and Labs.

Approvals procedures

Occupational Approval for Satellite Channels.

  • Occupational Approval for Free Zone Corporations.
  • Industrial Approval and acquisition of Industrial Record.
  • Stay Approval for Foreigners whether it was in purpose of Work, Investment, Therapy or Tourism.

Registration procedures

Registration of the selling verdicts delivered by the Division Committee in Al-Awkaf.

  • Registration of Lands, Buildings, Administrative and Commercial Seats and Residential Resorts.
  • Registration of Granted Lands whether it was via private sale or via Action for declaration of title of land.
  • Registration of Inheritance Title.
  • Registration and Redemption of Mortgages.
  • Registration of Concession rights.
  • Registration of Coparcener Rights.
  • Registration of Contracts of sale for the foreigners and dealing with Foreigners Possessing Department in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice

Handling any matter related to the Deeds Registry.







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